"...cacophony of screeches..."

For our last day in Hong Kong, Adrian and I split up to explore different parts of the city. While Henry took Adrian to enjoy some freshly caught seafood, Moses and I wandered the street of Mongkok in search of a variety of specialty markets.

After another short visit to the exotic fish stores, we headed for the flower markets. Otherwise unassuming streets were brought alive in a display of colour spilling out from the shop fronts. The ubiquitous lotus flower was displayed in its varying states of bloom, alongside tiger lilies, birds of paradise, daisies and a selection of garden herbs. Momentarily the scent of Hong Kong was overpowered by a wonderful fragrance. Not for long though. Our next mission was to find the exotic bird markets. We wandered the streets for far too long in search of the place and when we eventually found the right direction it was by the smell long before the sight.

Tucked away in a little corner of the city was the most incredible display of birds I’ve ever seen. Thousands of exotic birds of all sizes, shapes and colours flitted within their stacked cages. We peered through the bars at macaws and parrots, finches and doves, and hundred of others I couldn’t name. The marketplace was a cacophony of screeches, songs and whistles, expelled by these exotic creatures.

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We wandered through the crowd, watching the caged birds chirp jealously as the free street sparrows teased them from outside the bars, stealing the food that had spilled from the cages and perching atop the enclosures of their imprisoned friends.


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